Check out this product spotlight on some DOPE handlebars for your Road Glide. The bars are made by a Los Angeles based company called Factory 47 Cycles. For more information on their handlebars, check out Hopefully in a few weeks we’ll be able to do a full product review.

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Get the strap.

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  1. RhinoHD

    Those second set of bars are badass. Did you say they were called “Fury” bars? And did he say $250? If so I’m in!

    • vic

      Yep. He did. They ARE dope bars. Do me a favor. When you contact them. Let them know how you heard about them. Thanks, Vic

      • RhinoHD

        Will Do. I just need to give them a call and get the measurements so I can decide which height to get.

  2. 2013 RG

    They really need to update their website. and their facebook page…..I really like these bars but I need to see them on a RG before I buy….

  3. Paul Nunn

    What was the name of the bars that had a slight taper to them. They was the 14″ ones? I called them today but no answer. Thanks guys


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