I recently visited a forum where someone was trying to sell a pair of his chrome lower fork sliders for $300. It seems that some of the members of the forum thought that price was a bit high, considering the fact that you can purchase a pair of new chrome lower fork sliders from a placed called “Willy Shiny” for only $175. This was news to me! So I decided to head over to the Willy Shiny to check them out.

Based out of the Los Angeles area, these group of folks will sell you stock components from Harley touring bikes freshly dipped in a triple layer “show quality” chroming process! Best part is; they don’t charge you an arm and a leg when doing so. Other parts you can purchase on the site include; rims, spacers, air cleaner covers, cam covers, etc.

If you’re in the market for new rims, lower fork legs, etc. Consider checking out Willy Shiny first. Pimp out your ride while saving a wad of cash! If you’ve already purchased from Willy Shiny, tell us about it.

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